Platform Engineering and DevOps
Radish • 30 Jan 2023

Leveraging Platform Engineering and DevOps Synergy for High-Performance Systems

“Gartner expects that by 2026, 80% of software engineering organizations will establish platform teams as internal providers of reusable services, components, and tools for application delivery.”1 – From Gartner Insights. Platform Engineering” has seen a rapid increase in interest since October last year, with some claiming that it has taken over DevOps. The majority, however, […]

Radish • 23 Jan 2023

What is The CI/CD Pipeline and How Does It Work?

Have you been hearing a lot about CI/CD pipeline of late? Are you curious about what it is and what are the uses of CI CD pipeline? Would you prefer your engineering team to produce high-quality code quickly and without errors? Seriously, who wouldn’t? To do that sustainably over time, you need a quick and […]

Top 6 DevOps Trends 2023
Ozone Team • 26 Dec 2022

Top 6 DevOps trends to look for in 2023

DevOps is a philosophy and set of practices that aim to improve collaboration and communication between software development and operations teams and to streamline the process of building, testing, and deploying software. CI/CD is a key component of this process, as it helps to automate the build, test, and deployment steps, which can speed up […]

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