Lightning fast CI/CD platform that helps us ship modern apps 10X faster

Ozone platform helps enterprises to ship modern applications quickly, securely and reliably. Ozone removes the unwanted headache of managing too many DevOps tools and makes it super easy for anyone to deploy applications on Kubernetes clusters. Just integrate all your existing DevOps tools and automate your application delivery process end-to-end.

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How Ozone works?

A CI/CD platform with a set of simple CI/CD automation tools that require almost no learning curve. Development teams can now automate Kubernetes application delivery end-to-end.

Continuous Delivery as a Service

Automate pipelines for faster deployments. Test, verify and deploy 100+ times on Ozone CD, every day.
Onboard any container ready apps: Pull code and artifacts from multiple sources at scale
CD as Pipelines and Tasks: Run 100+ CD Pipelines and Tasks using Templates and Custom Workflows
Release Management: Plan your application release using approval workflows and integrations
Manage Helm Releases: Connect Helm Channels and deploy helm apps to Kubernetes Clusters
Incremental roll outs: Automate Canary Deployments along with simulated load testing
Zero Downtime: Avoid downtime with instant Rollbacks

Continuous Integration as a Service

Seamlessly build, test & verify modern apps 100+ times on Ozone CI
Pull code from anywhere: Connect any public or private git repositories as an integration
CI as Pipelines & Tasks: Execute CI pipelines and tasks for multiple application frameworks using templates and custom workflows
Build apps on demand: Schedule nightly builds or trigger build apps with a webhook
Automate test & scans: Shift left with your QA and security scans and isolate issues much earlier in the SDLC
Push to registries: Push artifacts from the CI workflows to multiple registries

Multi-cloud Cluster Management

Ozone is vendor neutral and it helps you manage clusters across multiple cloud providers
Attach any K8S cluster: Attach any private or public Kubernetes clusters as a provider
Manage clusters: Provision K8s clusters with a few clicks across cloud providers
Multi-cloud Deployments: Setup deployment pipelines which can deploy applications to any cloud provider of your choice
Multi-cloud cluster monitoring: Collect & analyse metrics and logs for clusters across multi regions from any providers

DevSecOps, Governance and security

Shift left with the security of your modern applications.
Static Scan: Setup periodic scan of code with every code commit or merge requests
Run time scan : Setup mandatory runtime security scan whenever a builds are created
Authorization & RBAC: Manage user roles and permissions for ease of governance and control
Secret Management: Store all your credentials within in-built vault and prevent secret sprawl from your applications
Advance SSO Authentication: Enterprise ready auth integrations; OAuth, LDAP, AD, + more
Private Tunnel: Use secure private tunnel for on-premise ozone instance to connect to private clusters

Monitor applications across clouds

Get insight and notifications across multi-cloud application deployments.
Analyse Metrics & Logs: Collect metrics and logs from any K8S cluster across public and private clouds and analyse in a singular, bootstrapped dashboard
Analyse Events: Collect K8s events, Pipeline Status Events for greater visibility and collaboration
Alerts and notification: Get critical alerts and notifications: in app, email, slack and Microsoft Teams

Ozone CI/CD platform

Know why development teams love Ozone

Ozone empowers engineers to self serve CI/CD end-to-end in a few clicks

Velocity -> Ship fast, more frequently

Accelerate deployments with automated pipeline workflows and on demand infrastructure management with zero downtime

Reliable -> Secure and Reliable

Prevent business losses by enforcing governance and compliance policy for app deployments at scale

Productivity -> Collaborate in real time

Single pane of glass where engineering, DevOps and Security teams can collaborate on application releases in realtime

Ready to get Started -> Talk to Sales

Ozone is ready for enterprises. Our sales team will be more than happy to give a private demo. Request for a demo today

50+ Integration saves time and money

Ozone seamlessly integrates with all your existing popular DevOps tools.

CI/CD Use Cases

Ozone is industry agnostic. Leverage Ozone as per you business needs

On Demand application deployment every hour

Utilize out of the box deployment pipeline templates to deploy Modern apps within 10 mins.

Blockchain deployments are now easy to manage

Anyone can deploy Blockchain application within minutes without any prior knowledge

Monitor Applications and Kubernetes clusters

Enable Application and Kubernetes cluster metrics & logs monitoring within minutes

Enforce Governance & Compliance in DevOps

Get Out-of-box auth, audit trails and secret management. Setup granular access control within minutes.


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