Continuous Security for DevOps

Govern with control and secure without hassles.

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    Level Up Your DevOps With Secured Control

    Shift-left with decoupled security scans and secret management to improve your DevOps visibility.

    Secure Your Code

    Set up periodic code scans with every commit or merge request. Integrate multiple security tools within CI/CD pipelines.

    Run-time Scans

    Set up mandatory runtime scans with new builds. Shift-left with your DevSecOps cycle by discovering security pitfalls in non-production environments.

    Tackle Multiple Projects like a Pro!

    Manage user roles and permissions with granular RBAC for ease of governance and control across the DevOps journey. Create or manage multiple projects and assign custom permissions within them.

    Secret Management

    Stack up all the credentials with an in-built vault to prevent secret sprawl from your applications. Inject secrets dynamically into CI/CD pipelines, being rest assured that your secrets are safe!

    Step-Up Your SSO Authentication

    Unify disparate login flows into a single sign-on by integrating multiple protocols such as OAuth, LDAP, AD, and more.

    Private Deployments Made Easy

    Use a private tunnel with whitelisted and secured communication for deployments, monitoring and even logging across your private or public clouds.

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      We care about your data in our privacy policy


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