DevSecOps, Governance and Security platform for CI/CD

Improve your Kubernetes and CI/CD visibility and governance with Ozone. Shift left with decoupled security scans and secret management with Ozone

Ozone DevSecOps, Governance and Security

Shift left with the security of your modern applications, gain visibility into actions onto your kubernetes platform and CI/CD workflows with Ozone's audit trails

Static Scan

Setup periodic scans of code with every code commit or merge requests. Integrate with multiple scanning Security tools within CI/CD pipelines

Run time scans

Setup mandatory runtime security scans whenever builds are created and shift left with your DevSecOps cycle by discovering security vulnerabilities in non-production environments

Authorization & RBAC

Manage user roles and permissions for ease of governance and control in the DevOps LifeCycle. Create and manage multiple projects and assign granular permissions within each project

Secret Management

Store all your credentials within in-built vault and prevent secret sprawl from your applications. Inject secrets dynamically into CI/CD pipelines with confidence.

Advance SSO Authentication

Bring together disparate login flows into a single sign on by integrating multiple protocols such as OAuth, LDAP, AD and more..

Private Tunnel

Use secure private tunnel for on-premise ozone instance to connect to private clusters across public and private clouds. Whitelisted & Secure communication for deployments, monitoring and logging across private and public clouds

50+ Integration saves time and money

Ozone seamlessly integrates with all the popular DevOps tools.

DevSecOps and Governance Use Cases

Ozone is industry agnostic. Leverage Ozone as per you business needs

Secure your CI/CD Pipelines

Add a security scan at a mandatory step in any CI/CD pipeline, Ozone will run security scan automatically every time code is pushed or an image is created, respectively.

Enforce DevOps Governance policies

Assessing custom roles and permissions at a granular level to segregate who does what in a DevOps enterprise landscape.


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© 2021 Ozone Cloud Inc.