Run CI Pipelines On-Demand

Build, Test and Verify: Integrations to source code, registry and security providers.

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    Plan Ahead With a Bulletproof CI for Faster Deployments

    Build smart to scale fast! Take the advantage of quicker builds and seamless integrations,
    with Ozone’s container-native solution.

    Pull Codes from Anywhere

    Be it Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket…. Integrate with any popular source code provider that lets you pull code from anywhere, anytime.

    Streamline CI With Preloaded Templates

    Don’t start from scratch! pick from 100+ pre-configured CI Pipelines & Tasks supplied as a Catalogue. Automate Build, Test & Security Scans for multiple application frameworks at scale.

    Reclaim Your Life With Smart Scheduling

    Take that night out! Schedule builds as and when you need, with Integrations to external systems that trigger builds with a developer-friendly experience.

    Automate Test & Scans

    Think ahead with shift-left security scans and QA (static code analysis, framework or build scans) for your container applications on Ozone CI.

    Push to Multiple Registries

    Don’t be bogged down by complex CI workflows. Push artifacts to multiple registries securely with just a click.

    It’s simple to switch to Ozone

      We care about your data in our privacy policy


      Seamless onboarding onto Ozone with all your favorite DevOps tools at your fingertips

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