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With Ozone Continuous Delivery Platform,
Test, Verify & Deploy automatically
Rollback without fret!

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Verify and Deploy 100+ Times. Everyday.

Take the advantage of faster deployments and instant rollbacks to ship modern apps across
Docker, Kubernetes, container & Helm.

Onboard any Container Ready Application

Save your DevOps teams from unwanted hassles as they onboard any registries or repositories onto the platform and deploy quickly to Kubernetes.

GUI-based Pipeline Configurator

Automate deployments across various environments and cloud providers with ease. Choose from 100+ preloaded pipelines & tasks from a catalogue. Customize pipelines based on your requirements with DIY workflows.

Release Applications in Half The Time!

Plan and execute CD Pipelines with minimal cloud native expertise. Manage application releases onto Kubernetes in a few clicks and automate app deployments at scale across clusters.

Manage Helm Releases

Deploy helm packaged applications effortlessly. Manage private helm charts with a better transparency of state management for your helm applications.

Incremental Rollouts & Instant Rollbacks

Enterprises can implement stage wise rollout strategy using canary or blue/green deployments in CD pipelines. Rollback instantly from failed deployments to prevent business losses.

Pipelines Runtime View

Get powerful insights in real time with pipeline runtime logs and metrics. Debug and fix faulty deployments that could potentially improve the application deployment speed.

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