Run CI pipelines on-demand with Ozone Continuous Integration Platform

Connect multiple application repositories and take them from commit to images with shift left security and QA integrations

Build on-demand with Ozone CI

Build, test and verify multiple application frameworks with seamless integrations to source code, registry and security providers

Pull code from anywhere

We support github, gitlab, bitbucket as source code provider integrations.

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CI as Pipelines and Tasks

100+ preloaded Ozone CI Pipelines and Tasks supplied as a Catalog. Automate Build, Test & Security Scans for multiple application frameworks at scale

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Build apps on demand

Schedule nightly builds or build apps as and when you need. Integrate with external systems to trigger build

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Automate test & scans

Integrate static code analysis, framework scans, build scans and QA scans for modern applications into Ozone CI

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Push to multiple registries

Push artifacts from the CI workflows to multiple registries, securely

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Ozone CI/CD Platform

50+ Integration saves time and money

Ozone seamlessly integrates with all the popular DevOps tools.

CI Use Cases

Ozone is industry agnostic. Leverage Ozone as per you business needs

Build Images on Demand

Run CI pipelines to build images on demand. CI works on scale and requires no planning.

Secure you CI pipelines

Integrate Code and image scan security tools with CI pipelines to secure your pipelines from Day.


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© 2021 Ozone Cloud Inc.