Deploy 10X faster with Ozone Continuous Delivery Platform

Ozone can automate CD pipelines for faster deployments and instant rollbacks for moderns apps including Docker, Kubernetes container and Helm.

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Ozone CD for 10X faster deployment

Test, verify and deploy 100+ times everyday with zero downtime

Onboard any container ready application

You can onboard any registries or repositories to Ozone. It helps you deploy any container ready application to Kubernetes

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CD as Pipelines and Tasks

100+ preloaded Ozone CD Pipelines and Tasks supplied as a Catalog. Automate deployments across different environments and cloud providers. Use DIY workflows to customize pipelines based on the complexity of your business.

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Release Management

Developers can plan and execute CD pipelines without reinventing the wheel and with minimal Cloud Native experience. Manage application releases into Kubernetes clusters with just a few clicks. Ozone will automatically deploy apps at scale across Kubernetes clusters.

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Manage Helm Releases

It is super easy to deploy any helm packaged applications. Manage your private helm charts with enhanced visibility of state management for a helm application

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Incremental rollout strategy

Enterprises can implement stage wise rollout strategy using canary or blue/green deployments in CD pipelines. This is a must have for any company to reduce business losses during production releases.

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Zero Downtime with Rollbacks

Rollback your applications to the previous versions within minutes. Leverage the power of incremental rollouts and rollbacks to minimize business loss

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Pipelines Runtime View

View pipeline runtime logs and metrics in realtime. Developers can collaborate to debug and fix faulty deployments which could potentially improve the application deployment speed.

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Ozone CD/CD Platform

50+ Integration saves time and money

Ozone seamlessly integrates with all the popular DevOps tools

CD Use Cases

Ozone is industry agnostic. Leverage Ozone as per you business needs

On Demand Application Deployment every hour

Utilize out of the box deployment pipeline templates to deploy Modern apps within 10 mins.

Blockchain Deployments are now easy to manage

Anyone can deploy Blockchain application within minutes without any prior knowledge


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