Webinar: Standardizing Microservice Deployments for Multi-Cloud with Ozone

Analysing the trends, challenges and real world business benefits from standardized Kubernetes deployments

Tuesday, September 28th 10am PST

Webinar Overview

Developers and Operations leaders understand the significant overlaps in KPIs when executing tasks for development, integrations, and orchestrations of cloud-native app deployments on multiple clouds.

With time and rising demands, the deployments and KPIs are getting more complicated to achieve, critically highlighting the need to have not just a sound DevOps strategy, but a capable CI/CD platform at hand that aligns with your requirements and best practices

Learn how Ozone CI saves you time and lets you collaborate with powerful integrations, while Ozone CD helps you tackle complex deployments through re-usable Tekton pipelines for standardization.

The Webinar Highlights:

    • The recent trends in Kubernetes-based multi-cloud deployments for microservices
    • CD tools and frameworks like Tekton that help mitigate continuous deployment challenges
    • A real-world example with quantified business benefits of how Ozone, with the Tekton framework as under-the-hood, has created an impact


Ajay Rao

Senior Software Engineer

I get to work with a diverse set of folks from multiple domains and I get to learn something new everyday. We're always focused on solving challenging problems at scale and I love solving problems for our end users; the Software Developers themselves.

Rashmi Kiran

Software Engineer

I'm surrounded by passionate co-workers who bring in some awesome perspectives. I like the sense of ownership that is endowed upon me here. The atmosphere here makes me feel empowered professionally

Chirag Gupta

Software Engineer

I work on cutting edge tech stacks. Golang, Kubernetes, Kafka, Prometheus; you name it, we work with them. I love the liberty of bringing ideas to the table and these are truly heard and taken into account


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