Simplify Blockchain Deployments

The need for a platform that grows with you across all maturing levels


A Decentralized app or dApp, as the name suggests, is an application that runs on a decentralized computing, blockchain or other distributed ledger systems. It has its code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. dApps can have frontend code and user interfaces written in any language just like regular apps to make calls to their backend. Their frontend gets hosted on decentralized storage such as IPFS. Their backends (for lack of a better term) are called Smart Contracts that live on the Blockchain and control the logic of dApps.
dApps have seen an exponential growth in the last couple of years, specifically in decentralized finance or DeFi. With many developers adopting web3, multiple challenges regarding dApp development, deployment, and hosting have become evident.



The Blockchain challenges listed above and many more are significant barriers to its adoption. Broadly speaking, though, many of blockchain’s biggest challenges represent growing pains that are common with any new technology. 

However, there are many platforms available that can help you get started with building Smart Contracts, deploying them on a Blockchain network, and also provide distributed storage for your front-end. Still, the one aspect where the gap is glaringly visible is the lack of any kind of standardization. Most of these challenges though can definitely be addressed if everything is done from one place. Issues like private key usage and interoperability as well can be taken care of if everything is done centrally from one platform. 

How we help?

Ozone makes Blockchain accessible for all. Here’s how:

  1. Build: Standardizing builds with pre-packaged templates to build dApps the way you want in a few minutes. 
  2. Deploy: Validate and deploy dApps automatically with pre-built deployment templates that vastly simplify scaling your dApps across multiple Blockchain networks from one place. 
  3. Monitor: An all-in-one dashboard that helps keep track of all your transactions with custom notifications for events. Explore superior webhook integrations with numerous project management tools
  4. NFTs made simple: Build NFTs without significant learning curve by re-using our in-built templates and deploying across single or multiple chains. 
  5. Multi-chain deployments: Achieve higher interoperability between blockchain platforms with a “write-once-run-anywhere” approach thanks to our pre-built templates that are suitable for varied use cases. 

Ozone is focused on eliminating every complexity of a DevOps team. It simplifies and automates containerized and decentralised application deployments across hybrid cloud and diverse blockchain networks. Ozone integrates seamlessly with major tools across CI, CD, analytics and automation to support your software delivery end to end for even the most complex scenarios.

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Simplify Blockchain Deployments


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