Ozone Product Updates | July 2022

Ozone July release brings features such as Trial cluster and Partner Solutions, which will enhance the CICD workflow by elevating user experience.

July 7, 2022
Release 1.2.0

It’s the start of June and we’re back with our monthly updates for our customers! Like always, we strive for packaging our platform with powerful features and a simplistic UI with meaningful workflows and integrations. All this, with the objective of simplifying DevOps. Here’s a gist of what’s been added to the platform:

1. Trial cluster, on the house!

New users can request the provision for a small cluster from Ozone’s infrastructure after signing up on Ozone. This cluster lasts for 1 hour and serves the purpose of allowing new users to experiment with Ozone’s CI/CD workflows for applications. 

While this is a great value-add for our prospects who are checking out Ozone, do note that we accommodate a maximum of 3 such cluster requests. Since they are trial clusters, they do not support resource-heavy activities like monitoring, logging, and backups. We recommend you to integrate your own cluster as per your requirements which is straightforward on Ozone. You can watch this video for more details of the same. 

2. Ozone Partner Solutions:

Ozone now has the capacity to onboard partners who can further re-distribute Ozone at scale across cloud regions. Enterprise customers typically have their own security and legal compliance requirements which implies that a VSDP (Value Stream Delivery Platform) like Ozone needs to comply to exist in a specific region. This demands a mechanism where users can seamlessly create accounts subject to licensing limits across Ozone partners. More details on what this means for our partners are listed below:

  • Ozone partner will have a global set of licensing limits which they can re-distribute across accounts that the Ozone partner manages
  • Ozone partners have a choice to create a shared or a dedicated instance of Ozone for every end-user account
  • It enables freedom for Ozone partners to redistribute based on the preferences of the customer
  • Simple and fast control plane mapping for partners to map instances as per customer requirements

 To enable this mechanism, this release sees an architectural revamp under the hood. With this change Ozone partners can:

  • Create and dynamically map multiple control plane instances through the accounts manager
  • Map a specific control plane for shared or dedicated instances (for a stand-alone Ozone instance), for individuals, SMEs, or enterprises, based on compliance and other customer requirements 
  • Apply licensing limits during account creation on any registered control plane of ozone

2.1 Region Definitions

As an Ozone partner, you can dynamically map control planes to be a default for a specific region should your end-customers request for the same.

The image below shows mapping regions to control planes from the ozone accounts manager UI:

As a prerequisite, you will need at least one control plane defined in the system which maps it to that particular region.

End-users of ozone will be able to log in and access multiple control planes per account, based on how it is configured for a given end-user account.

Users can select which region they want to create their account in. Below is an example of the sign-ups on a shared instance provided on Ozone’s infrastructure.

Visit our partners’ page for more information on partnership types and registrations: https://ozone.one/partners/

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